Jazz It Up


Sometimes less is more. When you (1) have a serious client meeting; (2) need to meet government officials for work; (3) have a personal meeting with your banker who will evaluate if to give you a bank loan; (4) are interviewing for a new job, sometimes the safest thing to do is to wear a sombre suit or a dark-coloured dress to project the “right” image (unless you work in the creative areas or one of those new economy industries, then you want to dress the OPPOSITE of this).  But wearing a serious, dark outfit may be so dampening, dull or drab. To keep the image but yet to add a touch of individuality, style or focus of interest, you can consider adding a vintage brooch such as this heavy gold-tone beauty, to the outfit. It will strike the right balance of “proper” and “style” and you can be serious and yet not look like a member of the regimented work army in typical corporate uniform. So experiment and have fun!

Cheers, Judy

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English Afternoon Tea


Who doesn’t love a genteel afternoon tea? Especially those with lovely baked items served in equally gorgeous vintage cake stands and sandwich plates, accompanied with your pot of favourite English tea poured into thin china tea cups and saucers. The food, the chinaware, the company…

We review our photos of afternoon teas past and think it is time for us to start planning for another one. Soon.

Cheers, Judy

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We’re Making A (Christmas) List (and checking it twice)

salmon bread

Have you made a list and checked it twice? Have you been naughty or nice? Yes, it is indeed that time of the year again, where has the year gone?! Christmas is in 11 days and we do hope your Christmas shopping is all done or at least you have an idea AND a plan to get it done soon. If you are needing some inspiration, here are our vintage suggestions:-

  1. For the friend who loves baking: a vintage cake stand to showcase his/her baked goodies;
  2. For the cousin who only wears black, blue or other plain coloured jackets and dresses: a vintage brooch to jazz up the outfit;
  3. For the sister who has moved into a new apartment: a framed vintage scarf for her wall;
  4. For that work-friend who loves a tipple: vintage drinking glasses;
  5. For that trendy friend: a gorgeous vintage fashion statement handbag;
  6. For the little brother: a wind-up mechanical toy;
  7. For the wife/girlfriend/special gal: a vintage typewriter for her to type you little love notes, letters and cards or perhaps even that book she’s been wanting to write; and
  8. For the husband/boyfriend/special guy: a vintage watch to let him know he’s on your mind and in your heart all the time.

And if you are all done with shopping for pressies, then it’s time to start on the Christmas party menu!

Cheers, Judy

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Vintage Chandeliers at the Singapore Biennale


This is a lovely example of re-using, re-cycling and up-cycling. These lovely artworks in the Singapore Biennale (currently running til Feb 2014 at the National Museum) are made out of vintage chandeliers but with the glass and cystals changed to uranium glass beads and with black light installed so that the uranium glass beads glow a beautiful green colour in the dark.

The works are by a Japanese artist husband-and-wife team, Ken and Julia Yonetani who are now based in Australia and are entitled “Crystal Palace” (read more about their gorgeous work here) and is their response to the recent Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.

IMG-20131102-00628Uranium glass was widely used to make glassware such as candy bowls, citrus presses and cake stands in the 19th and early 20th century. They are also known as vaseline glass and many vintage fans love collecting uranium glass kitchenalia.

Do you also love these vintage chandeliers, coupled with old-fashioned vaseline glass, being given a new lease of life as these stunning artworks, even if the event behind them is actually quite sad?

Cheers, Judy

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Unexpected FInd in Darwin





Sometimes when you think you are never going to find anything good at a weekend market, you get lucky. Totally unexpected, totally fantastic!

I was ready to leave the Rapid Creek market in Darwin for the airport, because there just wasn’t anything interesting that caught my eye. As we were walking to the rental car, I saw this lovely 1970s glass decanter set. Whenever I travel, I always end up buying fragile, breakable things. That’s just me, it always is. There is no point fighting it. So I asked the seller to wrap them up and she even found a box. That made it easier for me to carefully hand carry the lot up the plane and safely transport them home. 

The holiday to Darwin and Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk) was such a great one for many reasons, this vintage treasure was just the icing on the cake.

Cheers, Judy

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Year of The Sssssssnake



With the Year of the Snake jussssssst around the corner, I guess my relatively-recent passion for snake skin and other reptile skin, is all the more apt. I don’t like snakes or lizards in real life and even common lizards in my kitchen give me the heebie-jeebies. But in the last 2 years, I’ve gravitated towards handbags and shoes in snake, eel, lizard or crocodile skin.

Vintage handbags in these reptile skins are usually well-made and well-maintained. I think it is because these bags are on the higher-end, cost more and hence used and preserved by the original owners with tender, loving care. Of course there is the fact as well that generally vintage bags are usually of better quality than the use-3-months-and-throw-away handbags that we find now in the age of our disposable culture.

This year will be a great one for vintage lovers of snake skin and reptile skin in general, to showcase their lovely treasures. Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy Year of the Snake.

Cheers, Judy

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a machine that stitch materials together

i cant wait and am so excited to share this with you. my latest sewing machines craze, and here is one of my latest find.


old uncle said this was his mom’s and machine should be around 60 years old. a check on the sewing machine database confirmed it was made in 1917, it is nearly a hundred years old!!

you cannot tell from the photo but it has peeling paint and rust all over the leg frame. i have started sanding some parts of the metal frame but still a long long…. way to cleaning it up, not to mention restoring. as SP has rightly said it – it will be a project of love.

i was pleasantly surprised when i opened the cover. the sewing machine has this rare sphinx decal, which is gorgeous. anyway, i would have lugged her home with or without decal! ;)


i spent an evening just to polish the metal plates. look how they shine now.



oh before i sign off, here’s the sneak peek -


mint as never been used, clock was kept in original box and stored away since day 1! this is a 12 inch diamond clock with an outer rare brown rim and ready for this?…………………. GOLD coloured inner rim !! i am in vintage heaven land!


have a great weekend and come visit our open house this sun. please hop over to our facebook for details.

look forward to meeting you!


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